National Multi-Stakeholder Network on Economic Transformation

Ghana’s success story in its political transition has not been replicated in the socio-economic sphere. Ghana exhibited relatively strong growth of about 5% from the 1980’s and much more higher rates from the 2000’s. These notwithstanding, Ghana’s economy has not witnessed the desired transformation with insufficient linkages to other sectors of the economy. Agriculture is characterised by low productivity, technology and innovation. The manufacturing sector is recording negative growth rates and the services sector continue to expand. Beginning from the late 1990’s until now, various successive governments have echoed the need to transform the economy but these calls have not been backed by the needed action to bring about a paradigm shift.

The national multi stakeholder network on economic transformation seeks to deepen engagements on the discourse by providing a platform for various stakeholders to interact and find ways to deal with existing bottlenecks. We believe that in as much as various institutions are working independently on Economic Transformation, sharing information and probing the scope for cooperation will add value to the work of all concerned.